Naturopathic Medicine

Integrating The Power Of Nature

Our team of highly trained Naturopathic Doctors are available in both our Dundas and Waterdown location. Healthcare at OM is different. We offer exceptional care provided by a highly trained team of Doctors in a peaceful environment. We want you to feel at ease from the moment you walk in. Naturopathic Medicine is an integrative health care model that draws from both conventional and traditional forms of medicine. combining modern science with the wisdom of nature. 

You will feel empowered and informed, and you will gain a deep understanding of your own health.  

Naturopathic medicine aims to treat the underlying causes of disease and stimulate the body‘s innate capacity to heal itself. Physical and mental stressors can manifest in different ways in our body, and only by evaluating both the mind and body can we achieve optimal health.  

Family Planning

Wherever you are in your fertility journey, we can help to optimize your health. A thoughtful treatment plan and thorough investigation from a knowledgeable doctor can play a vital role in getting pregnant, enjoying a healthy pregnancy, and creating a healthy family. Your doctor can will support you through preconception, pregnancy and beyond.  

Areas of interest: PCOS, recurrent pregnancy loss, repeat implantation failure, male infertility factors, advanced maternal age, unexplained fertility, support through fertility treatments, postpartum.  

Metabolic Health

Stress, sleep, environmental exposures, diet, and physical activity all impact your metabolic health. If you’re feeling sluggish, struggling to maintain an ideal weight, lacking a healthy libido, or just aren’t feeling your best – your metabolic health should be evaluated. Your doctor will recommend appropriate testing and will design an individualized treatment plan to get you back to feeling your best in no time!  

Immune Health

Did you know that your immune system can be either over or under active? Each can present with undesirable symptoms. An overactive immune system can bring with it autoimmune conditions, whereas an underactive immune system may present with frequent illness or reoccurring infections.  If you’re wondering if you might be on either of this spectrum, we have tests to investigate, and treatment to help.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling

You are what you eat! Did you know that your body almost completely regenerates over the span of 8 years? Do you remember that awesome broccoli you ate 3 years ago? Probably not – but your body does! How about those French fries? Yup – it remembers those too! Your lifestyle factors are cumulative, and impact how you feel and how well your body systems are going to function and respond to the stressors and demands of everyday life. It’s all about balance and making the right choices for your body!  

Together with fun food choices, identifying food sensitivities and creating a realistic plan – your doctor will help you feel inspired to be excited and have fun with delicious, nutritious food your body will love! 

Hormonal Health

Pineal, pituitary, thyroid adrenals and more – our body’s hormone systems are complex! Naturopathic doctors can help to achieve balance of all hormone systems in the body. Your doctor in some cases, will prescribe bioidentical hormones as needed. When your hormones are out of balance – you don’t feel like yourself! If you are experiencing things such as insomnia, hair loss, difficulty losing weight, irregular periods, PMS, difficulty establishing or maintaining an erection or a low overall energy level – we’re here to help! 

Paediatric Care

We have many patients that begin their journey with us in utero, as we care for mom throughout pregnancy. Laying the foundations of health early on in a child’s life can impact their health journey for many years to come! It’s never too early in life to take a natural, well-rounded & preventative approach to healthcare!  


Acupuncture involves inserting very thin sterilized needles into specific points in the body. These points are indicated by your specific goals and individual health concerns. Acupuncture is form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that aims to rebalance your QI (inner energy), with the goal of reducing pain, regulating your body systems and to achieve balance throughout your body. Acupuncture treats the whole body, even if only select points are used during treatment. Most patients find this a very relaxing treatment.  

What To Expect At Your First Visit To OM

We take the time to get to know you

Feel heard and supported, with one on one individualized care. Every new relationship with our patients begins with a comprehensive, health assessment to get a thorough understanding of your medical and family health history. Your doctor will inquire about your health concerns and goals, lifestyle habits and any stressors in your life.  

Testing & Treatment plan

Based on the conversation you have with your doctor, and any previous test results you may have brought with you, further testing may be recommended. They will prepare an individualized treatment plan for you to optimize your health – that could include specific treatments (such as acupuncture), lifestyle changes, or supplements – along with arranging any follow up visits that are needed. 

Questions & Confidence

Our goal is for you to feel empowered to take this next step towards your health. We want you to feel as confident and comfortable as possible throughout your entire journey with us. Your initial visit is an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you have, so please take this opportunity ask anything you’d like! Your initial visit is scheduled for 90 minutes. Subsequent visits will vary depending on your treatment plan.  


Complimentary Discovery Visit 15 Min – Free! 

Initial Naturopathic Appointment $215 

Second Naturopathic Appointment $170

45 Minute Follow-Up 45 Mins $140 

30 Minute Follow-Up $100 

15 Minute Follow-Up $70 

Initial Paediatric Naturopathic Appointment $155 

Paediatric Follow-Up $100 

Initial Acupuncture Visit $215 

Acupuncture Follow-Up Visit $75 

Labour Induction Initial Visit $115 

Labour Induction Follow-Up $75 

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Facial Acupuncture $120 

B12 Injections Initial Visit $50 

B12 Injections $10 *requires an initial B12 or initial Naturopathic visit. 

These services are often covered under an extended health benefit plan, and we are able to direct bill to must insurance companies and submit your claim on your behalf – so it’s smooth sailing from the moment you arrive to the moment you float out. 

We look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

– Dr. Sarina Gandhi, ND. & Dr. Mackenzie Bernhardt, ND.